Monday, 27 May 2013

A suitable introduction

image: Prada Autumn/Winter Menswear 2013 backstage
I've been blogging for almost four years now. Often people ask me what the appeal in writing to a mostly anonymous audience is to me. At the age of 13 I probably would have said it was the feeling of being appreciated, but now, four years on, I've discovered my love of writing is so much more complex. After dabbling in magazine journalism, and working on my own lifestyle/fashion blog, I discovered a new wonderful world. The Internet had so much to offer, so much to inspire, a magical online community that was able to both act as my own personal bubble, as well as a 'guiding light' in developing my style and writing. I've experimented with thousands of fashions, and now, aged seventeen, I feel that I've grown into a style that is expressive of MYSELF. Not a crazy mixture of everything my conscious mind had taken in from a vast collection of sources. After working so hard on trying to spill my over-active imagination into words, I found that my old blog was doing me no justice. Instead of writing about what I really loved, I began to fall into a trap of curating, not creating. Rather than looking forward to blogging, it became a task of becoming a stereotype blog that I found characterless.  

I decided to venture into a different perspective. As my style became much more menswear inspired, I began to take interest in tailoring, styling and masculine shapes. I found that men’s fashion gave me a chance to experiment with a wholly different perspective. I discovered that I much prefer men’s fashion than women’s; it’s just the overall aesthetic. It has so much to offer, womenswear is just so overdone. I feel that not enough younger women and girls are taking enough of an interest in menswear too. I hope to be able to give a different viewpoint in a predominately male ‘territory’. After researching, I came to a conclusion that women’s fashion can be a slightly lazy and perhaps self-adoring? Maybe that just me - personal bitter view! Menswear and menswear blogs/magazines seem to be less interested in fashion itself but more around the culture of fashion, and that is what intrigues me really. Also Menswear is an arguably newer environment, while womenswear has been around forever, it’s only very recently that male fashion has become so open and experimental. In a venture to inspire others, and share my own opinion, masculine/feminine was born. Named in regards to my own style - masculine influenced - yet still using aspects of feminine details. Despite the image I strive to create, sharp tailoring and neutral colours, I try to keep a sense of sophisticated femininity. 


  1. yo bro welcome back, love the idea for this new direction, I thought you might wander into Men's fashion soon enough!

    x Camilla

    Into The Fold

  2. Your tumblr inspired my most recent blog post - I love your style so much - so glad you've started blogging again!

  3. Really happy that you started blogging again, and this blog seems like a breath of fresh air.


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