Thursday, 13 June 2013

A rookie overview to the art of the coat

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Some girls collect, obsess, and lust over shoes. Some over make up, some over bags. I, on the other hand, have a never ending obsession with coats. Even if outside a heatwave is blossoming, or rain is coming down in sheets, I will constantly have a coat on. Before writing this blog post, I took a trip down to my family hallway to count the amount of outerwear - note: justify my obsession - that I seem to have acquired. Being a triplet in a set of girls, it's inevitable that dodging impressive domestic structures created by piles and piles of shoes, jackets, winter coats and blazers is something of the expected. However, on closer inspection I realized that 3/4's of the latter belonged to me. Among my vast collection, One denim jacket, wrangler, vintage. Scrawled letters of "Lost Cause" on the back. Aaah, my wild rebellious younger years. See here for a peek at it
  • Two vintage aviator jackets. First, hole-y, ravaged and too big. Second, shitty quality leather, screams 90's clueless wannabe.
  • Five 'boyfriend' style coats. Yes, FIVE. Collected from a variety of high street stores circa 2011/12. Despite being lowly 5'3, I seem to have a taste for swamping myself in oversized fabric.
  • Two leather jackets. Who ever said that one is enough
  • One tailored black mens overcoat. Oversized lapels, two pockets, black, beautiful
  • One ZARA "everyone-owns-it" overcoat with zips and gold hardware. 
  • One ridiculously big hand-me down black fur coat.
Which takes me to the grand total; thirteen. Now, instead of checking myself into a coat addict rehabillitation centre, or sinking to the floor in tears, I looked over them, and decided I needed another.

Perfect for England weather, a thin spring overcoat is ideal for throwing over simple outfits. After having a crazy changing forecast the past few days, I've been ending up shivering in sheer t-shirts, or sweating incredibly unattractively in massive knit sweaters, thus my 'spring' coat radar is on full blast at the moment. I say 'spring' in an attempt to lie myself out of believing that it's supposed to be summer. For example, this "Blush" coat by Nelly is affordable and the soft camel colour is a nice alternative to black, which always seems reminiscent of winter. The simple 'wrap around' style is also a great change to the repetitive (and slightly stupid) one button approach to most structured women’s coats. More towards a more high-end style, this Stella McCartney one is such a gorgeous colour that I just had to include it! Like I mentioned previously, navy is such a wonderful shade for summer. Lastly, this white oversized blazer style is only £40 from River Island. I was so surprised at this one, the shape seems a lot more controlled and well designed than a lot of simple high street garments.

However, it should be noted that despite my lusting after women’s boxy coats, the cut and design of a well structured overcoat is defiantly a boys game. I have resorted to frantically searching through charity shop's men’s sections to find THE coat; a coat that makes children sing in the street, dogs bark, and bring grown men to their knees in awe. Yet, it should be made aware that men's coats do have their problems, especially for a small boned teenager with tiny shoulders. Firstly, broad shoulders, and a wide chest sizing. Being moderately swamped can be easily pulled off with some Parisian flair, but swimming in a coat never looks good. Secondly, length. In my mind, the perfect overcoat skims just below the knee. Sadly, men below 5'5 seem to be unheard of. My quest continues!  

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