Monday, 24 June 2013

Mens Collection Highlights: Nicole Farhi

Despite being at school the past week, as well as having a ridiculously busy weekend (currently running on 4 hours sleep - don't ask) I've still been trying to find time to catch up on the S/S 14 Menswear Collections. Sadly, trying to find this time has reduced me to a notepad scribbling night owl, using my art lessons and the early hours of the morning to faithfully catch up on the shows I've missed. I was greatly impressed this season by all the designers, I felt a really broad and interesting spectrum of designs were shown, from Nasir Mazhar's bucket-shaped headgear and gasmasks, to Christopher Shannon's beautiful floral prints; and Hardy Amie's razor sharp tailoring. However, a couple of specific designers really stood out to me. Firstly, Nicole Farhi. The collection was themed loosely around the concept of 'soulful solace' and 'inner refreshment', aided by the present of a crystal quartz to all those seated. I loved the way that the complex jagged shape of the crystal visually acted as a contrast to the effortless wardrobe staples that made it's way down the catwalk. The quartz is known to strengthen and stabilize the body's energy fields and promote harmony, as well as amplify positive thoughts. It can be held or worn to promote clarity of thought and to help you to see your way more clearly. Clearly, this, mirrored in her soft colour palette of muted sea greens, fresh blues and dove greys, inspired Fahri. Each piece was slick, with trousers cut sharply to the ankle and classic spring overcoats.

In response to the collection, I looked at the contrast of the tailoring and the colours. The sharpness of the separates initially made me think of industrial architecture, echoed in the severe cuts and those to die for leather espadrilles. The soft almost blurred tones instead reminiscent of a dulled fish bowl. In addition, like any menswear lovin' gal, I adored the addition of those two fierce female models in suits. Who said women can't do a mens job, eh? 

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