Saturday, 27 July 2013

Summer dressing

tumblr_mqjq5pVJmy1qc9bzgo1_1280 After a very busy start to the summer, I'm back. However, despite the unusual hot weather we've been experiencing in London at the moment, I'm still attracted to dressing like it's the dead of winter. I've been coveting combination of richer winter shades, paired with the summer floatiness of silk. Collecting simple, utterly wearable pieces has become a small obsession. After a massive clear out of my wardrobe, I discovered that the way in which my style really could flourish - and I felt most comfortable wearing - was basic shapes and layerable styles. Inspired by Studio Nicholson's SS13 lookbook, I was keen to try out a loose trouser and blazer look. With the softer curves of the silk trousers, I was able to add some harsher elements with the tailoring of the dinner jacket and sculpted shoulders. Definitely a success!


  1. Issy you are genius. you never put a foot wrong with your style :*

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  3. I really like your blazer and shoes x


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