Thursday, 19 September 2013

And so the seasonal clearout begins again….

I have a bad habit of buying. And buying. And selling. And buying again. Somehow, I’ve worked myself into a system each season where I go through all my clothes and sort items out into large black bin bags. Yes, unfortunately, I have a terrible character trait of getting bored of things easily. Yet while it might seem like the little system I have worked myself into over the years is utterly ridiculous, it does work for me. There is something wonderfully refreshing about new starts, and the cleansing of a wardrobe heavy with unwanted clothes is something I find almost calming. With LFW newly finished, my mind is full of new ways to wear pieces and work around the colder months. Summer is the season of wearing little, and doing even less, and my clothes echo that concept. Thus, each winter, I wave bye bye to a collection of my standard s/s items. Being the lover of the cold as I am, each summer I buy cheaper yet wearable items to get me through the hot weather, ending up in the Autumn with a boxes of items ready to be sold onto lovely new owners. While someone might critisise this method, I find that A/W for me is a time to create a capsule wardrobe that will get me through the rain, snow, sleet and what not without the addition of a little cropped bralet.

Who could resist the appeal of winter shopping anyway? Racks and racks of cashmere, coats, warm trousers and boots. It's important to think about the weather and wearabiliity when it comes to a/w styling - I think a lot of people get a bit carried and overload it. The things l will always need for the season are as follows; a oversized coat, a good smart dress, a pair of warm trousers, and shoes that won’t get wrecked in the weather. 

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