Sunday, 29 September 2013

PFW Snapshot: How to wear leather

As a massive advocate of leather anything, I'm always impressed to see a dashing gentleman pull it off. A/W for us girls is usually plentiful,  heralding in a wave of fetish inspired, perfect, skin tight, pleated, smooth leather skirts, jeans, shirts and shoes; we're always a tad spoilt for choice. On the other hand, the other gender seem to be entirely constricted when it comes to the luxury of leather clothing. While most men probably relate leather to that 'Friends' moment with Ross and the leather trousers (yes, you know the one) there are some easy ways to integrate leather into your a/w wardrobe. For example, I have to applause Simone Marchetti, the editor of "D" magazine, on his way to the womens TODs show in Paris this week. I'm not usually a fan of Fashion Week street style, I find the overpowering presence of, arguably, attention seeking fashionistas wearing ridiculous outfits rather dull. The best street style is the unexpected, the casual. Street style is thus named for it's capture of the simple, and it seems that most of the time this concept is manipulated, which I why I really love the unpretentiousness of Marchetti's look. Donning Valentino entirely, the classic combination of a white shirt, dark tailored suit trousers and brogues is emphasized by that amazing leather trench coat. 

While Valentino everything seems high off anyones wishlist, Marchetti is the perfect example of how to work a little leather (and perhaps a little man bag action) into an A/W wardrobe. A helpful hint to any leather virgin, trousers are always a great way to start; they're sleek and can truly be a wardrobe staple is styled rightly.  Look to Zara, The Kooples and Belstaff for well made desirable pieces.

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