Wednesday, 4 September 2013

The Q&A

I get a lot of questions regarding shopping, my style and the whole concept of androgyny in fashion. My tumblr ask box and email is regularly full of your questions, advice and queries. Being as awfully disorganised as I am, I always forget to post my tips on here. Ta-da! The Q&A has arrived. Each week I'll be answering one of your questions on my blog.

Q. I love your style - but being a bigger woman, I struggle to emulate it. I'm a size 10 with big boobs and big hips and a big bum, and I really wish I could wear the gorgeous clothes you do but they just don't look good on me. I know it's hard to dress androgynously when you're big but I was wondering if you could give me any tips, because the tailored jackets and gorgeous tunics just don't work on me!

A. Hey! Yeah I totally understand. However, don’t worry, as having a bootylicious and womaly body isn’t a threat to dressing like the perfect gentleman. Having big boobs, a butt and hips is not a hindrence to dressing the way you’d like. Androgyny is not all about being suited and booted in classic suits or being buttoned up in the latest ralph lauren shirt. What curves like yours entail are new ways to wear boyish looks in feminised ways. For example, mix up trashy boyfriend style jeans in dark washes and pair of mens oxford brogues with a tight 50’s style sweater. Afterwards, pull on a boxy men’s style overcoat on top or a belted trench. The tighter top half will show off your curves (50’s sweater style with a tigher ‘in’ waist will create a nice hourglass) while the masculine elements hint towards a much more androgynous look. If you’re into skirts, you can still emulate a boyish look by pairing a tight leather skirt (yep, I’m a massive fan for leather) with an loose shirt over the top. The looseness of the top will hide cleavg, as well as create a nice shape, whilst you show off your legs. If you’re a fan of dresses with nipped in waists and a more defined silohette, throwing a boxier shape coat over or adding a bigger top half layer will also help to create a more masculine look. And lastly, I’m a real advocate for using accessories to your advantage. Invest in some well made shoes such as brogues or loafers and a wide fedora hat. Hope this helped! 

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