Wednesday, 8 January 2014

HIGHLIGHTS: Day 2, The London Collections. Part 1.

Margaret Howell's A/w collection reminded me of something one of my teachers would wear. Like one of my teachers; the type of man who drinks 4 cups of coffee a day, has ridiculous messy hair, is mildly awkward and reads Wilde’s critical essays in his spare time.  However, unlike my any of my teachers, also the type of man who would also have sex with you on their desk after hours.

Howell is one of my favourite designers of all time, and the new collection did not discolour my expectations in the slightest. I love the very relaxed, lived-in feel to her clothes. From the slightly oversized oxford shirts and charcoal grey tweeds, to the sleek navy jackets and clean cut models, the entire collection was very ‘real’. I say ‘real’ in the sense that I could easily imagine ANY man I know sporting any of the looks – excluding teachers here – and looking great. Her clothes are utterly effortless, one does not need an ‘edge’ to be able to wear them in confidence, which makes them even more wonderful. There is nothing better than cutting away some of that pretentious high fashion bullshit, and creating some really wearable pieces.  A round of applause to Howell for triumphing again! 


Saif Bakir and Emma Hedlund, the designers from Common SWDN, are completely new to me. I only really discovered the brand this week, but I’ve fallen in love with their statement pieces.  I also think their concept – what they pen as “Progressive design with clean aesthetics’ – is inspired. Clearly their mix of influences was echoed in the designs this year, an interesting mix of street wear and sharp tailoring. Although the collection was disappointingly short, it nevertheless made up for it’s lack of quantity with lovely designs. Heavy layering, unusual textures and the minimalistic presentation of the collection all together made this brand definitely one to watch. 

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