Saturday, 11 January 2014

HIGHLIGHTS: Day 2, The London Collections. Part 2

Savile Row, Woolmark & St James's

I decided to split Day 2 into two posts, because I felt that one show deserved a post to itself.  That show was Savile Row, Woolmark & St James. I don't think I've ever fallen in love with a collection, and the presentation itself, so much in my life. Not only did it appeal to my intense passion for retro menswear - hello 30's/40's/50's influences - but there wasn't a piece that I didn't like. Savile Row’s tailors and the Gentlemen’s Houses of Mayfair and St. James created a masterpiece, and importantly, one with a a strong sense of British heritage.

The concept that really stole me was the setting of the collections themselves. Some bright spark came up with the brilliant idea to show them in The Cabinet War Rooms, a preserved historic site in London. If you haven't heard of The Cabinet War Rooms, it's a vast now-museum, where Prime Minister Winston Churchill took shelter during the Nazi bombing raids of London.  Consisting of a series of corridors and rooms, the complex has been kept exactly how it was when the war finished on 15th August 1945. Not only does the setting give a very surreal, but a powerful feeling of wartime Britain, but it also echoes the clothes beautifully. Moreover, the whole immersive theater-esque presentation is such a fun idea! Watching models acting out cabinet meetings, scattered through dim wartime hallways smoking, or in typing silently in office rooms is a commodity no one thought they would need, but evidently do. Tailors provided classic cuts from the gamut of Savile Row tailors: from Anderson & Sheppard to Ede & Ravenscroft, Henry Poole, Huntsman, Richard Anderson and Richard James. The colour scheme was great, a range of muted greens, navys, blacks and white, while the immaculate 40's hairstyles and  accessories from John Lobb and Bates topped it all off. Oh, and even Elton John was spotted enjoying himself with a cocktail at the installation. It must have been good.

To see great pictures of the collection, click here.

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