Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Copying the Catwalk part 1

Screen Shot 2014-11-27 at 20.31.13
Transalting menswear from the catwalk into my wardrobe is never easy. I always like to think of this process as the "dick to chick" ensemble - the name of which I find highly amusing. Anyone else? - In which I try to copy aspects from various designers. While most of this process is mostly spent crying silently into my wallet, wishing I wasn't a broke student, I do try to work at integrating various elements into outfits regularly. At the moment, my outfits have tended to have three main factors; warmth, comfort and stability. November weather tends to wipe out all chance of showing much skin, and walking to and from endless lectures means I always need to be cozy, and content.
Screen Shot 2014-11-27 at 20.32.24
My challenge this week was to try and emulate Lena Karnauhova's S/S 15 showcase, without looking a bit of a nutter. If you haven't heard of Karnauhova before, look her up immediately. Heralding from Moscow, Karnauhova's designs are athletic, with a lot of loose, flowing silhouettes. I think the thing that really attacted me to her menswear collection this year was the cleanliness of it all. Her models are swathed in black layers on layers, which seamlessly overlap each other. For example, the top left picture is a good example of this. Check that hoodie! I want to zip myself up in it and fall asleep. Dreamy stuff! The collar, and length of the sweat was also something that I wanted to copy, without looking too ASAP Rocky. Yes, you all know the shirt lengths I am referring to. If you've been living under a rock for the past two years, I advise you to look at this prime example.

tumblr_nfpnucWRf71qc9bzgo1_500tumblr_nfpnucWRf71qc9bzgo1_500 Blazer - Zara // Sweat - Charity Shop // Trousers - Zara // Heels - Topshop

I've also included a couple other images that were very inspiring to me this week in my dick to chick transformation. I also found a couple great streetstyle shots on tumblr, including this great black and grey shot. It really reminded me of that oversized, very unpinned feel of Karnauhova's outfits. I also obviously had to refer to this smashing picture of Nick Wooster as well. I swear, Nick Wooster is the KING of ankle cleavage. Every outfit needs a little bit of a cheeky ankle flash.


  1. I LOVE those hoodies so much- Karnauhova is incredibly talented! The silhouette of your sweater looks very cool, especially with that blazer over it.


  2. I love it!



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