Tuesday, 13 January 2015

London Collections Men highlights | Day one

Coach, and MAN shows. Monday. 

Day one was perhaps not as successful - in my eyes - than previous years. Although I loved the Coach show, and elements of the MAN show, I found it difficult to feel inspired. Perhaps this was down to my lack of immersion in the shows at the time, due to exams. However, I thought I'd include these two shows in a post, as they deserve a mention.

Coach is not usually a brand I'm fond of, but their collection really grew on me. After skipping through a couple videos and photos, scowling at Douglas Booth in the front row (wearing an frankly horrific blue windbreaker) and the like, I noticed how great the show really was. The interesting mixture of textures, and rich earthy colours suggested a stylish way to transition from winter to spring, despite it being an A/W collection.

I loved the thick teddy bear coats, leather look trousers and the turtlenecks. I really love a good turtleneck. The collection itself was a very classic and modern, seemingly orientated towards the crowd of young, gorgeous 20-somethings. Despite this, the simplicity made it very gender neutral in a way; women could easily wear most of the clothing on that catwalk. I'm definitely planning on using Coach as a moodboard for spring.

I also really liked the pops of orange and pinstripe in the MAN show. While I wasn't a big fan of the futuristic, plastic fantastic vibes, I really liked the contrast between the two. I created a mini wardrobe mood board above to echo the two shows. I was both suprised and excited to see that all four factors that I'll be taking away from Day One work so well together! My next Copying the Catwalk post seems already laid out for me… What did you all think of Day one? I'd love to hear, so leave a comment below.

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  1. I like the lipstick.



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