Friday, 20 February 2015

JJS LEE a/w 2015

Wishing I was at LFW instead of slaving through a 9am-6pm uni day and mountains of coursework is going to be all I can think about today. Alas, I must make do with trying to keep myself updated via instagram and the wonders of the internet. Sneakily caught the JJSLEE show under the desk of my 9am seminar this morning, and I am in love. Simple minimal shapes, black/grey/white colour palettes, PINK FLUFF (!), bowl hair cuts and red lipstick are a few of my favourite things, and holy shit, will I be thinking of them when I'm feeling sad. Yes, I did just make a pun on The Sound of Music. Sue me. 


  1. Quite a contrast, but it works really good with the hair & make up. i love how balanced it looks with the minimal shapes of the clothes.

    Andrea S.


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